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Axis Freight Best Courier & By Sea Door To Door Delivery Service From Pakistan To UK

Every year, Axis Transport transports thousands of parcels across the UK to every postcode. We have over 50 sites across the country for this reason. Which ensures your parcel is delivered on time. Regardless of where it needs to be, it can be delivered to you. Also, we work with multiple partner companies. Such as Geo Post, to ensure we can deliver to every corner of the country.

We offer one-hour delivery windows, in-flight delivery updates, and fully-branded communication journeys, putting you in control of your parcel deliveries. We bring thousands of parcels every year from Pakistan to the UK BY SEA.

Different Shipping Options:

If you’re thinking of moving to the UK, you’ve probably got a few belongings to take with you. There are two options for moving things abroad: air freight or sea freight.
Air freight will get your stuff to the UK quickly; a cargo plane can go to the UK. From anywhere in the world in just one or two days. This means it’s convenient for last-minute moves, but also very expensive.
Container ships are naturally slower than cargo planes, but you’ll save money. Our By Sea door-to-door service from Pakistan to the UK is designed for residential customers.

Residential Customers Shipping

Via Axis Freight we provide customers with a fully tracked service from your system. You can even print your label in-store or at home. Through our innovative and award-winning customer feedback program ‘Have Your Say’. We listen to customers’ views every day and gain a real-time understanding of their delivery experience.

This program was the first of its kind in the logistics industry. Through this feedback, we have identified, rewarded, and shared effective practices. We also worked with retailers to develop service improvements and innovations to meet customers’ needs. Sea door-to-door delivery is cheap and reliable for residential customers.